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Avizor Lacrifresh Ocu-dry 0.2% Drops- 10ml

Avizor Lacrifresh Ocu-dry 0.2% Drops- 10ml

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Lacrifresh Ocu-Dry Drops 0.20% - 10ml

Relieves the symptoms of moderate to severe ocular dryness.

These eye drops have a lower concentration of sodium chloride than the rest of Avizor eye drops and as such a lower tonicity. They are therefore hypotonic.

They are designed for people who suffer from slight or moderate dry eyes on an occasional basis and act to alleviate their symptoms.

Aqueous, buffered and hypnotic solution with sodium hyaluronate 0,20% glycerine and essential electrolytes (Cl-, Na+, Ca2+, K+, Mg2+).

Can be used whilst wearing contact lenses.

Preservative Free 


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